How Muscle Mac Works To Give You the Energy You Need

Mac and Cheese is one of the classic comfort foods. But for athletes and active individuals, comfort food doesn’t always align with your performance goals. Muscle Mac changes the game. It’s food that gives you the energy to maintain — nay, enhance — your active lifestyle.

Muscle Mac provides the boost that you need for your exercise and daily routines. Learn more here.

Here’s How Muscle Mac Gives You Energy

Muscle Mac is an energy-boosting food because it actually meets your nutritional needs. It comes with generous serving sizes that will power you through your workout. The boost from pea protein rounds out each serving so you get enough protein for your muscles to repair and grow.

Serving Sizes Match the Requirements for High Activity Levels

For athletes, gym rats, and the hobby fitness junkie, nutrition is often the biggest obstacle when trying to gain strength or improve performance. A little energy bar here and there is never enough. And there are only so many protein shakes you can drink in a row. Maintaining a balanced diet as a highly active person is tough! 

If you’ve ever felt your food was lacking in quantity of calories or nutrients, Muscle Mac is the solution. Each serving size matches the requirements for high activity levels. 

In fact, a serving of Muscle Mac is around 100g (two servings per box). That’s double the size of other boxed Mac and Cheese brands. We aren’t joking around with tiny servings to satisfy the calorie counters. Active people need to fuel themselves. Muscle Mac meets your energy needs for high activity levels. With Muscle Mac in your system, you’ll feel ready to spring to action every time you lace up your sneakers. 

Serves as a Source of Protein

You don’t have to look far these days to find content centered around protein consumption. And for good reason. Protein is a necessary part of an active lifestyle. For anyone, getting enough protein is often a challenge. Muscle Mac makes it easy. With 20 grams of protein in each serving, you can get a significant portion of your daily value through Mac and Cheese. With some veggies tossed in or served with a side salad, Muscle Mac becomes a complete meal.

Muscle Mac Powers Your Workouts

Protein is critical for energy, recovery, and growth. 

Though complex carbs are the easiest macronutrient for the body to use for energy, the body can convert proteins into carbohydrates. Endurance athletes need to be particularly aware of this because, without enough nutrition, the body might start breaking down the proteins from your muscles. That’s why eating a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will keep your body nourished throughout your runs, bike rides, or lifting sessions. 

Athletes think of eating as fueling up because the body converts food into energy. You want to make sure that the food you eat before a workout will actually give you an energy boost.

Protein Builds Strength

Along with energy, protein is key to preventing fatigue and repairing muscle tissue. The amino acids found in protein are the building blocks of muscles. Working out damages your muscles. The process of repair helps them come back stronger and more efficient. 

Without enough protein, your body won’t be able to repair your muscles and help them grow. In short, eating enough protein for an active lifestyle helps you recover more quickly between workouts and gain strength. Muscle Mac is both a comforting treat as well as a great food to help you power through a workout.

Enhanced by Pea Protein for Sustained Energy

Muscle Mac gives you energy without needing to reach for that second (third?) cup of coffee. The real cheese in Muscle Mac provides some protein on its own. But the whole meal is elevated with pea protein isolate. Pea protein powder is a common plant-based replacement for whey protein. It’s even been shown to prevent heart disease

Pea protein has a subtle, neutral taste that blends in perfectly with our scrumptious mac. Combined with the cheese, it packs a delicious protein punch without the grittiness or foul taste of other protein-fortified products. Muscle Mac serves up good energy and good taste.

It’s also a protein source that’s good for your digestion. The added fiber can enhance your digestive system while giving your muscles the energy they need to go on for hours. Pea protein gives Muscle Mac the oomph factor. It’s a meal that will actually sustain you or your kids.

Satisfies Cravings for Alternative Unhealthy, Energy-Draining Snacks

Muscle Mac provides a Mac & Cheese option that’s better for you and gives you energy. When you get enough protein in a meal, you are more likely to feel satiated and energized. Compared to carbs, protein leaves you feeling fuller for longer. With Muscle Mac, you won’t be turning to the snack cupboard ten minutes after a meal. 

Plus, with a scrumptious cheese sauce and hearty noodles, it’s like eating a treat all on its own. It’s so delicious and nutritious that you won’t find yourself searching for energy-draining snacks.

Helps You Stay on Track With Your Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’re the biggest gym rat or a busy working professional (or both), everybody needs protein to lead a healthy life. Muscle Mac will get you there. It’s both an excellent source of energy and an easy way to get a balanced meal. 

And if you’re in a rush or feeling too tired to even boil a pot of water, you can even try the Mac and Cheese microwavable cups.

Sustain Your Healthy Diet While Increasing Your Daily Energy Levels

Eating better doesn’t have to mean complicated meal prep or foregoing creature comforts. You can have the simplicity of boxed Mac and Cheese with the comfort knowing that you and your family are getting a well-balanced meal. 

We’ve got something for everyone. 

Muscle Mac Pro has added probiotics and MCT oil along with the protein punch in the classic. Try them all in our family variety pack. The cups are a dream for the athlete who’s always on the go, or the parent hoping to find an easy solution for their sports-loving (and very hungry) children. Check out our full selection of products here. Eating healthy and living well has never been easier. Or more scrumptious!