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If you're looking to have mac n' cheese, don't go to the store and buy regular old mac cheese. It is definitely inferior to this bomb pea, protein-packed power tasting best mac n cheese out there now.
Luke Marshall
St. George, Utah
I never thought that I could eat and enjoy macaroni and cheese while eating healthy, but thanks to Muscle Mac they have made my mac and cheese dreams come true! This is some awesome and healthy food that I can enjoy while being healthy.
San Antonio, TX
I tried this for the first time and I have to say, it’s the best box mac n’ cheese out there! I love that I don't have to add butter and it still tastes great!
Los Angeles, CA
So tasty! I ordered some as soon as I found out about this. Very cheesy & 20g protein per serving! I finally don't feel guilty about eating mac & cheese! Well done, Muscle Mac
Andi Randolph
Ingleside, Illinois
My son tried your mac n' cheese and is pumped that he found a product that tastes so good and has lots of protein. Way to go Muscle Mac!
Angie Osland Anderson
Dassel, Minnesota
I love me some Muscle mac shells and cheddar with broccoli. It's so good that I have to hide it from my son and husband! I also like their regular mac and cheese as well.
Darlene Banks-Jones
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Absolutely love Muscle Mac! Not only is it delicious by itself, it's very versatile with other ingredients. Highly recommend this protein packed mac n cheese to everyone I can!!
Heather Marie Bellah
Portage, WI
These kiddos love their Mac & Cheese, and I love the 20g of protein, the non-GMO pasta and no artificial colors, flavors, and dyes! So when I start hearing “Mom, I’m hungry”, I know lunch is just minutes away!
Surprisingly delicious!! I thought it would taste "ehh" since it's a protein food and most have that chalky taste... this was the real deal! Just like the blue box!! Totally buying again.
Rachel Elfenbein
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

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